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The most common reaction to noticing the deterioration of the condition of the hair, or its loss, is a trip to the drugstore for a shampoo whose label promises to help with the above problems. Meanwhile, not every type of hair problem can be solved by using the right product. The state of health of the hair informs us of what is going on inside the human mechanism. Visibly weakened hair can therefore be an indication of serious deficiencies essential for maintaining the health of the substance. Their frequent falling out should be enough. Preparations will not cope with this problem. It is much better to take advantage of the hair vitamin solution.

Weakened hair? It’s possible that this is a sign of a biotin deficiency.

Under the chemical name “biotin” there is vitamin B7 , also called vitamin H. It is delivered to the body with food – food products such as walnuts and peanuts, almonds, whole grain flour, mushrooms, some vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, spinach), fruits (bananas, melons, peaches), soybeans, yeast are rich in it , animal liver, egg yolk, cheese, butter. In addition, vitamin B7 is to some extent naturally synthesized by the intestinal flora.

The role of biotin in the human body

Biotin has multiple effects on the human body. Her primary role earned her the nickname “beauty vitamins”. The condition of the skin, hair and nails, which to a large extent determine the appearance, depends on vitamin H. When it comes to vitamins for hair , biotin is definitely the main one. However, the importance of biotin in the body is not limited to ensuring a beautiful appearance.

Biotin plays the role of a carrier of carbon dioxide in the human body. It participates in the synthesis of fatty acids and amino acids, and is also responsible for the proper course of gluconeogenesis processes. Vitamin B7 is involved in the production of prothrombin, which is

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useless for proper blood clotting. Biotin also supports the work of the thyroid gland and is necessary for the proper absorption of ascorbic acid, i.e. vitamin C. As you can see, biotin has very diverse properties, but all of them are important for the proper functioning of the body.

First of all, biotin has a noticeable effect on hair, skin and nails, and changes within them should be a warning signal that perhaps there has been a recent loss of biotin. Biotin regulates the secretion of sebum by the skin, strengthens the nail plate and stimulates hair growth and gives them a healthy appearance. Therefore, symptoms such as: seborrhea, skin inflammation, change in skin color, peeling of the skin, nail brittleness, hair loss or weakening, should draw our attention.

Effects of biotin deficiency

Symptoms related to the deterioration of the condition of hair, skin or nails are only some of the possible effects of vitamin B7 deficiency . The undesirable effects of the lack of the right amount of biotin in the body include: muscle pain, numbness of the hands and feet, increased blood cholesterol, chronic fatigue, drowsiness, irritability.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin with a short half-life. This makes it impossible to accumulate its reserves in the body. Although vitamin B7 deficiencies are relatively rare, it is not difficult to accidentally lead to them. The synthesis of biotin in the intestines is exhausted by the use of antibiotics, some other drugs, alcohol consumption, coffee drinking, smoking cigarettes. A deficiency can also occur if the diet is too low in biotin for a period of time. Consequences can be decisive, which is why it is important to react quickly.

Major warning

Before a vitamin H deficiency starts wreaking havoc throughout the body, it will first make itself felt outside. The first signs of low biotin levels are emerging skin and peri-cutaneous problems. Therefore, instead of seeing more than usual amount of hair left on the brush after combing, you can go in search of a shampoo for special tasks, it is worth considering whether the weakness of the hair is not due to biotin deficiency. It may then be too late to correct the diet, because the amounts of vitamin H taken with itmay not be sufficient to fill the deficiency. The solution to this problem, however, is to reach for adequately balanced substances containing biotin. For example, vitamins for hair will be a good choice, because biotin is usually their main ingredient. Biotin tablets, dietary supplements with biotin, help to normalize the level of this important vitamin for the functioning of the body.

Jelly Bear Hair

Jelly Bear Hair

It is worth understanding what exactly biotin does in the scalp. Namely, it accumulates molecules of bioavailable sulfur in order to then supply them, through blood, to the hair matrix (i.e. its root). Sulfur bonds are formed in the hair matrix, which are responsible for a strong and flexible connection of the hair shaft along its entire length. In the hair matrix, a keratin mass is also produced, which fills the growth of the stem. This process takes place properly all the time. Therefore, a dietary supplement, such as biotin tablets, has a direct role in stimulating hair growth.

To protect against biotin deficiency , it should be taken prophylactically. Vitamin B7 is completely safe for the human body, and multiple studies show that it is not possible to overdose. Also, taking much higher doses of biotin than recommended does not cause any negative health effects. The benefits of taking biotin are invaluable. It not only allows you to maintain the level of vitamin necessary for life in balance, but also ensures the effect of nice hair, radiant skin and hard nails.

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