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Eyelash conditioners are an increasingly popular cosmetic used by women. You can find a lot of different products on the market that differ in the form of application, composition and, above all, price. How to choose the best one for you?

Beautiful, thick and curled eyelashes are one of the greatest female assets. No wonder that almost every woman dreams of such eyelashes. They add a flirtatious look and make the eyes look much larger and more expressive and rested. Unfortunately, not all of us give “mother nature” the same thick and long eyelashes. For this reason, women very often undergo eyelash extensions and thickening treatments, or they attach artificial eyelashes. These methods allow you to enjoy a beautiful and seductive look under long eyelashes for some time – in the long run, however, they weaken our natural eyelashes and make them fall out.

The product, which is  an eyelash growth conditioner,  is subjected to numerous examinations and ophthalmological and dermatological tests before its official launch on the market and release for sale, which verify its safety during use. The new generation of eyelash conditioner is, in most cases, products based on natural and eye-friendly substances, and their use is safe even for people with visual impairments and allergies.

Due to the fact that the current cosmetic market offers us a very wide range of eyelash conditioners, it is worth reviewing their ranking so that you know which one enjoys the greatest satisfaction and a positive opinion of consumers.

Ranking of the best eyelash serums

1. EleverLash

EleverLash is by far  the best eyelash growth conditioner , which fully deserves the first position in the ranking. Its composition is as natural and friendly to the sensitive skin around the eyes and eyelids as possible, and the tests carried out did not show any reactions or allergic reactions even in people with very sensitive skin prone to frequent irritations and allergies.

It is the only such product on the market that, with regular use, allows you to achieve the first visible results after just two weeks of use. However, you should wait up to about three weeks for the most spectacular result – but it is still relatively fast considering the waiting time for effects when using other such nutrients. EleverLash eyelash serum for long, thick and beautiful eyelashes

the best conditioner for eleverlash eyelashes


EleverLash the best eyelash serum  – it very effectively stimulates the lash bulbs for rapid growth and definitely darkens them, so applying mascara is no longer necessary. The conditioner can also be used by people with eyelash extensions, because the preparation does not dissolve the glue and is perfectly absorbed. In addition, the price of the preparation is relatively low, considering how spectacular the effect of false eyelashes can be achieved with it.

2. Miralash

miralash eyelash serum ranking


Miralash eyelash serum it is the second in terms of positive opinions from consumers and safety when using eyelash and eyebrow serum. Its composition is as natural as possible and does not cause irritation. The product is applied relatively easily – the whole process is similar to applying eyeliner just above the upper lash line. With regular use, we can count on a beautiful effect of long, dark and nicely curled eyelashes without any side effects, but it appears much later than in the case of using Eleverlash eyelash conditioner, which is ranked first in the ranking. In addition, the eyelashes very quickly return to their original appearance and condition when you stop using the conditioner. Miralash eyelash conditioner is rather easily available and relatively efficient, because one bottle is enough for about five months of regular use.

3. Realash

realash the best eyelash conditioners

Realash eyelash serum is a product intended for everyone who wants to strengthen and naturally lengthen and thicken their eyelashes. However, with regular use of the conditioner, you should wait relatively long for the effects, because the expected treatment period is about three months. During this time, eyelashes should lengthen by about 25%. If you want to extend them by at least half, it is necessary, however, to purchase another package, which involves additional costs. Although the conditioner for eyelashes is safe and made of natural ingredients – in some cases it causes a burning sensation immediately after applying it to the eyelid, which usually disappears after some time of use.

It allows you to strengthen, thicken and lengthen eyelashes, and the results obtained thanks to it persist even after the preparation is discontinued.

4. Long 4 lashes

long 4 lashes

Long 4 lashesis a very popular and easily available conditioner that allows you to achieve an extremely natural effect of lengthened and thickened eyelashes. You have to wait at least 6 weeks for the first effects of its use, and in some cases much longer. The formula is rich in nutrients, thanks to which eyelashes become nourished and strengthened. However, in addition to hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5 and allantoin, the drug for glaucoma was also used for its production – bimatoprost, the safety of which has not been fully confirmed during use. Although customers who use it do not complain about side effects, this ingredient can sometimes cause increased pressure inside the eyeball.

5. Eveline

eveline is a good eyelash serum

Eveline eyelash serum is a very widely available eyelash conditioner and a base for mascaras, which can be purchased in most drugstores, pharmacies and stores offering cosmetic products. The preparation is applied with a mascara-like brush – which, unfortunately, does not allow the active ingredients to penetrate the eyelash bulbs and stimulate them to grow faster. Although the eyelash conditioner itself does not stimulate the bulbs to faster growth of eyelashes, it gives them a very nice shine and as a base it works quite well, allowing you to get the effect of much thicker eyelashes.

The undoubted advantage of the preparation is its availability and relatively low price, but if we expect a spectacular effect of false eyelashes, it is better to reach for one of the positions that occupy higher positions in the ranking.

Serum accelerating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

Preparations strengthening eyelashes and stimulating their bulbs to faster growth, such as eyelash serums, are becoming more and more popular on the cosmetic market. No wonder, because they allow you to achieve the effect of artificial eyelashes in a completely safe way at home – without any side effects and side effects such as irritation or allergic reactions. Most of them are completely safe for use by almost everyone – even people prone to allergies and those with sight defects.

Thanks to them, people with thin and very rare and light eyelashes no longer have to undergo eyelash extensions and thickening treatments, which, although initially giving satisfactory results, in the long run weaken the natural hair and weigh it down – often causing the artificial eyelash to lose. also your own. These types of products are recommended to all who want to naturally lengthen and thicken their eyelashes and achieve a spectacular effect of false eyelashes, for example before an important event such as their own wedding or every day.

It is worth remembering that the main task of the eyelashes is to protect the eyes. Therefore, in most people they reach a length of 7-12 mm on the upper eyelid and 6-9 mm on the lower eyelid. The number of lashes may also vary. It is estimated that 85-200 eyelashes grow on the upper eyelid, and only 50-100 eyelashes on the lower eyelid. The differences in quantity or length can therefore be considerable. Some people naturally have long and thick eyelashes, and others, although they have a lot, they are quite short and therefore the eye looks less attractive than we would like. The color of the eyelashes can also be problematic.

How do conditioners for eyelashes and eyebrows work?

People with fair complexion usually also have very light eyelashes, which are practically invisible without applying mascara on them. Of course, for the physiology and operation of eyelashes, this is not problematic, but for people who want to look nice, it can cause complexes. How to make eyelashes nice? Eyelash and eyebrow serum can be helpful.

eyelash serum

Eyelash serum as needed

Some people are looking for a conditioner to make their lashes longer. Another person wants to dim them. And the next one will be looking for a remedy for thickening the hair. The best eyelash serum is the one that will give the desired effect. There are many cheeses and conditioners on the market that are supposed to improve the appearance of eyelashes. They also differ in their active ingredients. You can successfully find products based on plant extracts as well as eyelash-stimulating nutrients based on the latest discoveries in medicine.

Bimatoprost or plant ingredients?

The most controversial ingredient in eyelash conditioners is bimatoprost. Many people do not want to use it because it is an ingredient used to treat glaucoma and there is a perception that you can damage your eye. It’s not true! First, the ingredient is actually used in eye drops, but in a concentration of 0.1-0.3 mg / ml. However, in nutrients, concentrations of up to 0.03% are used. So even 10 times lower! Secondly , the eyelash conditioner is applied to the lash line so that the product reaches the bulbs. Thus, this product does not come into contact with the eyes. What are the effects on the eyelashes? Over 45% of people achieve great results. Good enough to recommend such conditioners to others.

eleverlash serum stimulating eyelash growth

On the other hand, natural ingredients are used as elements supporting the use of bimatoprost conditioners or in separate treatments, focusing, for example, on improving the condition of the eyelashes. If someone cares about the better condition of the eyelashes, but not about their lengthening, they should use cheese based on vitamins and natural ingredients. Vitamins B5 and E are mainly used in such products. Panthenol, aloe or allantoin are also often used to moisturize, smooth the hair, soothe irritation on the skin at the root or regenerate eyelashes. The addition of castor oil also makes the eyelashes more flexible, thicker and darker after the treatment.

Eyelash serum, how to apply

The conditioner for eyelashes and eyebrows is applied in a very simple and convenient way just above the upper lash line using a convenient brush – on dry and cleansed eyelid skin – preferably at night, because our eyelashes grow most intensively during sleep.

However, serum accelerating eyelash growth is not recommended for people under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women – because the ingredients of the preparation can penetrate from the mother’s bloodstream to the delicate organism developing in her fetus and in people who have undergone chemotherapy.

Eyelash serum – how much time do you have to use?

Opinions on the eyelash serum are very different. However, most often it results from a lack of knowledge about how eyelashes work! It is important to know that eyelashes have growth phases. In one, they grow from the bulbs, then they are in a solid phase, then they prepare to fall out, and in the final phase they fall out. If you want to have long eyelashes, you need to use the conditioner in the anagen phase, i.e. eyelash growth. This phase lasts 1-2 months and not all lashes are in this phase at the same time. What does it mean? This means that the eyelash serum will only work when we reach the eyelash growth phase!

Therefore, it is recommended to use it for at least 3 months, because during this time most of the eyelashes will go through the anagen phase, so you can stimulate them for longer growth. Thanks to this, eyelashes will grow longer than without the help of a conditioner.

But because it is not possible to prevent the eyelashes from passing into the next phase, the results must be maintained. Even after an intensive 3-month treatment, it is recommended that the serum that accelerates the growth of eyelashes should remain in our care for a long time. It can be applied 1-2 times a week to stimulate the next eyelashes that are in the growth phase. In this way, we will enjoy nice eyelashes all the time. Unfortunately, our body functions in such a way that none of the eyelash growth phases can be stopped, so whether we want to or not, they will fall out anyway. The eyelashes alone live about 100-150 days. But after they pass the final phase, new ones will grow in their place!

Eyelash conditioners – summary

It can be said that the use of eyelash conditioners will greatly improve their appearance. However, depending on what effect we want to achieve, it is worth choosing a different conditioner. The best ones may seem expensive, but they usually perform above average and after a few weeks you can have an eyelash fan that can be seen from a distance. It is worth taking care not only of the skin itself, but also of the eye area, including the surrounding eyelashes.

Which woman would not like to have beautiful, long eyelashes? Who would not like to seduce with a look or make her friends jealous? The answer is simple and it is enough to take care of beautiful eyelashes with the right preparations.

The easiest and most popular way is to use an eyelash and eyebrow serum . It contains active substances that stimulate eyelash growth. Thanks to it, the hair becomes thicker, longer, denser and a bit darker. Usually, the eyelash serum is used for about three months, then the effects are optimal. The method of its application is quick, because it is enough to apply the liquid with the built-in brush to the lash line just like eyeliner.

Serum stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows – first effects

The first effects are visible after about two weeks, while after the time recommended by the manufacturer, you can enjoy beautiful, long eyelashes. This method of improving the appearance is more and more popular and competes with artificial eyelash extensions. It is an alternative that takes time, but brings tangible results and saves you money. The advantage of using the conditioner over artificial eyelash extensions is that after stopping the use, the eyelashes return to their original state. After removing false eyelashes, the natural ones are often in a deplorable condition.

Nature did not endow you with long black eyelashes? If you have noticed that your eyelashes have become additionally weak, fall out and have a light color, try to strengthen them with an appropriate preparation. To do this, go to the drugstore or pharmacy and ask for the best eyelash serum. Buying the right cosmetic will strengthen your hair and stimulate its growth.

eyelash serum

For years there has been a misconception that the use of mascaras weakens the eyelashes. In fact, modern cosmetics do not adversely affect the condition of eyelashes, on the contrary, they often help to nourish them. However, the content of strengthening ingredients in the mascara cannot be compared to that of the serum that stimulates the growth of eyelashes . It is a preparation strictly intended for the reconstruction of weak hair, also on the eyebrows. The product should be used daily, according to the package leaflet. You will notice the effects quickly, but the full improvement of the condition of the eyelashes will take a few months.

eyelash conditioner  , also popularly known as  eyelash regeneration  , is a cosmetic that should permanently appear in every women’s cosmetic bag. Thanks to the ranking created based on the opinion of consumers and the analysis of the composition of preparations – we hope that it will be much easier and more effective for you to choose the perfect eyelash serum that will allow you to naturally improve their condition and appearance.

Strengthened eyelashes will be more beautiful and eye makeup will look better. It is really worth being tempted to buy a conditioner!

The best eyelash serum

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